Green Yoghurt Smoothie

I have fallen off my breakfast smoothie wagon lately, although I am still eating breakfast daily! (I am very proud of this.) However, I’ve come up with a new and delicious version of a green smoothie, which I’m happy to share today!

The original clean green smoothie recipe I wrote is still the one I revert to most often when I’m reaching for my blender in the morning. I like its light flavour and texture, and the ginger really gives it some zing! This smoothie is pretty different, as it contains both peanut putter (or your choice of substitute nut butter) and yoghurt. It is heavier and creamier, less fruity, but more protein-packed.

Either way, it’s nice to shake things up a bit and try new ways of getting my metabolism up and running in the morning, so this is a welcome addition to my breakfast rotation!

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Mung Bean Kitchari

I have been interested in trying kitchari for a long time. Kitchari is a traditional Indian food, often used in Ayurvedic practices and fasts.

Now, let me be clear about one thing: I do not believe in fasting or any other crash diet type of program for weight loss purposes. These are unhealthy and unsustainable, and you do more damage to your body with them than anything else. However, I do believe in the healing and cleansing properties of foods, and don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to give your digestive system a cleansing meal once in a while — as long as you’re still eating a regular and healthy amount of food.

Now that that’s out of the way…

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