Foodie Friend Friday #2: Garrett’s Cilantro Lime Couscous Salad with Shrimp

This is the second installment of my March series, Foodie Friend Friday, in which I’m asking my fabulous cooking friends to write up their favourite recipe to share. For the first recipe, as well as a bit more background, click here.

This week, I am featuring my friend Garrett’s cooking skills! Garrett is a total whiz in the kitchen, and I was so stoked when he agreed to cook for this series. I have known him for about two years now; we met while we were both working at our university’s student government, and we’re now working together again at David’s Tea. Garrett is hilarious and I love his dry wit and every single article of clothing he owns. He is also really really good at his job and we have a lot of fun when we work together.

I first realized Garrett was an amazing cook when I found some pictures he had posted to Facebook of all these amaaaaaazing dishes he was making. The descriptions of his meals were seriously mouthwatering, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me by the time you’ve read through his recipe below.

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Quinoa with Smoked Salmon, Vegetables, and Sundried Tomato Pesto

Some of my favourite culinary adventures have come from throwing everything I have in my fridge into one dish and seeing what happens.

This is how this recipe came into the world! I had smoked salmon (left over from a very British Columbian care package, courtesy of my mom), roasted asparagus, a leek, walnuts (left over from this pesto recipe), some sundried tomato pesto, and fresh parmesan. What could be better than tossing all of that in some freshly cooked quinoa?

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Maple Dijon Salmon

When I feel like a treat, I make salmon. As a student, I don’t have the biggest budget when it comes to groceries, and fresh meat and seafood doesn’t come cheap — especially when you’re picky about quality (which you should be!). So, salmon is a real luxury!

One of my all-time favourite ways of preparing a salmon fillet is with real Canadian maple syrup and my old friend, grainy dijon mustard. This recipe reminds me of the type of dish you can find at high end restaurants… although usually there, the salmon is baked on a slat of maple wood and the dijon is imported from France on the day of, or something like that. I think my recipe measures up though, and you can’t beat it in terms of ease! If I’m feeling extra festive, I use butter as the base to pan fry my fish. If not, my trusty olive oil does a dandy job too.

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