Welcome, reader! My name is Lara and I love to cook!

When my parents realized how much my sister and I loved to cook as a kid, they put us in charge of making dinner once a week. We didn’t complain. That passion for food hasn’t gone anywhere since then.

When I cook now, I tend to work from ingredients I already have rather than from a recipe. Usually, I start with a protein or a vegetable, and create a meal based on that. Sometimes I’ll search for a recipe to use as a guideline for my own experiments, but for the most part, I make it up as I go. Discovering new taste combinations is part of what makes it fun for me, and I hope to impart that adventurous spirit on my readers, too!

I was a vegetarian for many years and try to balance hearty meatless meals with animal-based protein, so you’ll find recipes fit for practically every diet on this blog. I hope you enjoy what you see here and that you come back again and again.

And whatever you do — don’t forget the olive oil.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lara! thank for stopping by my blog and for the follow! I too am quite adamant that one should never be shy with olive oil 🙂 Life is just too short and it is just too wonderful! Looking forward to sharing ~ Shira

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