Easter Feature: My Father’s French Toast

While I was doing my “Foodie Friend Friday” recipe series, my father visited my sister and I for about a week. During that time, he told me he wanted to contribute to my blog with a recipe of his own. Seeing as his cooking adventures are at the root of my own love of cooking, I agreed right away.

I had already lined up my five contributors for the month of March, so I didn’t know when the right time would be to feature his recipe. But then I realized… Easter weekend is the perfect time to feature a family-friendly, brunch-appropriate recipe!

I hope you enjoy my father’s French toast as much as we do whenever he makes it. Personally, I love to top it with maple syrup, berries, and a nice slice of sharp cheese — that last addition confuses my dad to no end, but I promise you it is a delicious companion to the sweet toast.

Editing this recipe made me rather homesick, I have to admit… But, my mom is here for the weekend so that’s the next best thing, I suppose!

Happy Easter (and Happy Passover, too)!

Fares’s Amazing French Toast

This is my favourite French Toast recipe. The secret is to add some alcohol to the egg/milk mixture to give it some ‘bite’. I like to add sherry or brandy or sometimes tequila. It’s great comfort food to have on weekends or for brunch for a bunch of people. Easy to make and yummy to eat…

The ingredients, all ready to go.

for 2 servings
6 thick (1/2 inch) slices of your favourite loaf of bread, preferably day-old bread. I prefer raisin bread from our local Bakehouse bakery, but Challah bread also works very well. I like to slice my own bread to get the right thickness.
2 eggs
1 cup 1% milk
7-8 drops of pure vanilla extract
3 tbsp margarine or butter, according to preference
2 tbsp sherry, tequila, cognac, brandy or similar strong alcohol
cinnamon and nutmeg powder
1 cup pecans, crushed in small pieces
maple syrup to taste, preferably from Elyse’s cousin in Quebec (Lara’s note: gotta support the family… obviously.)
berries — whatever is in season, washed and sliced

1. Mix the eggs and milk until well blended. Add the vanilla extract and sherry and whisk to blend.

2. Crush the pecans in a small blender or wrap the pecans tightly in a paper towel and crush with a wooden mallet. Set aside.

3. Wash and slice the berries (the bigger kind, e.g., strawberries) and set aside.

4. Cut your 6 x 1/2 inch-thick slices of day-old bread.

5. Melt 1 tbsp of the butter or margarine in a non-stick skillet. Make sure not to overheat and burn the butter, adjust to medium heat. Spread the melted butter all over the skillet.

6. While the butter is melting, dunk the bread one slice at a time in the egg/milk mixture. Turn over once and make sure the bread is well soaked on both sides.

7. Put two slices of dunked bread in the skillet with melted butter. Adjust the heat to a slightly lower temperature to avoid burning the bread. Let the bread fry for 1 to 2 minutes until it’s nice and brown, then flip over to the other side and fry until golden brown on the outside.

French Toast -- in progress.

8. Remove the bread and season with powdered cinnamon and nutmeg to taste. Repeat steps 6 and 7 with the remaining bread.

9. Set aside in a warm oven at 200 degrees F until you’re ready to eat.

10. To serve, put 1 or 2 slices of the French toast on a plate, spread some of the crushed pecans and berries over the toast, and finish it all off with a healthy dose of maple syrup. Your favourite jam also works. Some people even eat a strong cheese with the French Toast…whatever.


What a beautiful breakfast!


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