Matcha Yoghurt

I’m not sure I can even classify this as a recipe as it is really simple… but I just have to post it as it is SO GOOD! But first, here is a bit of information regarding matcha.

I am a big fan of matcha green tea powder. Matcha consists of green tea leaves that have been steamed and then ground into a fine powder. Lots of coffee shops nowadays serve matcha flavoured drinks, but beware: these are loaded with unnecessary fats and sugars, which greatly reduces the benefits of the matcha and covers up its natural flavour.

Matcha powder.

What are these benefits, you might ask? Well, since you are consuming the entire ground tea leaf, you get all of the antioxidants in the plant, as opposed to what you ingest from simply steeping tea leaves. Matcha is also very caffeinated — again, because you are basically eating the tea, you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck. I find that matcha increases my energy levels in a pleasant way; it does not give me the jitters the way coffee does, but I am alert and energetic.

To drink matcha traditionally, you simply whisk a small amount of matcha in hot water until it is frothy, and sip away. There are special whisks created specifically to this end, but I make do with a small kitchen whisk when I am at home (although I will admit the results are not quite as good as they are with the proper instruments).

People like to mask the grassy flavour of straight matcha (as evidenced by the fatty sugary “matchas” available to the general public), but if you have only ever tried one of the milky sweet versions of the stuff, run to your nearest local tea shop or Asian food store and change that right away!! If you don’t like the straight matcha on its own, add a good sprinkling of cocoa powder. The cocoa enriches the flavour of the matcha and gives the beverage more depth.

If you still don’t like the taste of your matcha, integrate it into your diet in less traditional ways: you can add the powder to baked goods, smoothies, soups, salads dressing, ice cream, and, as I most recently discovered, in plain yoghurt!

This discovery came about when I was at work yesterday and wanted a quick and healthy snack on my lunch break. I got an individual portion of plain yoghurt, came back to work and added matcha powder and a bit of agave nectar, mixed it up reaaaally well, and smacked myself for not thinking of doing this earlier!

It bears mentioning that when tea interacts with animal fats (such as those found in dairy), your body absorbs less antioxidants from the tea. That’s why when I drink my matcha, I add soy milk if I want a creamier beverage. That being said, even though this recipe combines dairy and matcha, it is totally worth it and the benefits are still there!

This is seriously my new favourite snack. It’s a great way to get some extra antioxidants into your diet without drinking an entire matcha. It tastes similar to matcha ice cream (my favourite kind of ice cream!), but is smoother and… well, more yoghurty. Gee, I wonder why!

Matcha Yoghurt

1 portion plain nonfat yoghurt
1/2 tsp matcha powder
1/2 tsp agave nectar
optional: 1/4 tsp cocoa powder

1. Combine all of the ingredients and stir vigorously until smooth.

2. Savour and reap the benefits of the matcha!

4 thoughts on “Matcha Yoghurt

  1. I’ve never heard of Matcha Powder before but it sounds great!! I like the idea of mixing it into a fruit smoothie so your still getting a kick from the caffeine but lots of nutrients too! Much better than a milky coffee! Going to go try find some online to order as don’t imagine it’ll be in the supermarkets? xx

    • It is soooo amazing!! I’m glad you’re inspired to go find some!
      As for where to go, I have the best luck at either loose leaf tea shops (David’s Tea, Teopia in Canada; Teavana should carry it in the U.S.), or if you have an Asian specialty food store they usually carry it as matcha is of Japanese origin. It is not cheap but it goes a long way and is worth the investment if you ask me!!
      If you need any more pointers on where to find it let me know… I will do my best to help!!

  2. Looove matcha! I used to drink it every morning whisked in water, I even had the special whisk! But this was back when I worked in a tea shop so I got it at a pretty discounted rate…oh how I miss it!

    That’s really awesome you go to Queen’s! Small world 🙂

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