Maple Dijon Salmon

When I feel like a treat, I make salmon. As a student, I don’t have the biggest budget when it comes to groceries, and fresh meat and seafood doesn’t come cheap — especially when you’re picky about quality (which you should be!). So, salmon is a real luxury!

One of my all-time favourite ways of preparing a salmon fillet is with real Canadian maple syrup and my old friend, grainy dijon mustard. This recipe reminds me of the type of dish you can find at high end restaurants… although usually there, the salmon is baked on a slat of maple wood and the dijon is imported from France on the day of, or something like that. I think my recipe measures up though, and you can’t beat it in terms of ease! If I’m feeling extra festive, I use butter as the base to pan fry my fish. If not, my trusty olive oil does a dandy job too.

Maple Dijon Salmon

for one person
1 fillet of fresh wild salmon
2 tsp grainy dijon mustard
2 tsp real Canadian maple syrup (no Aunt Jemima’s allowed!)
olive oil or butter

1. Heat your fat of choice over medium heat in a frying pan.

2. In a bowl, combine the dijon and maple syrup and stir with a fork until well blended.

3. Once the pan is hot, fry the salmon for 1 minute on each side. Then, pour the maple dijon sauce over the filet and cook for an additional 2 to 3 minutes on each side. Make sure the sauce does not stick to the pan (keeping the heat on medium-low will help you avoid this).

4. Once the salmon is cooked through, remove it from heat and serve it immediately. My preferred side for this dish is a big pile of steamed spinach or kale — I put the salmon directly over it and the sauce goes fantastically with the dark greens. However, this salmon would be wonderful on pasta or rice, or alongside asparagus, green beans, carrots… anything, really!

Maple dijon salmon and spinach. Yum!


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