Recipe Hiatus

In case anyone is wondering where I’ve gone… I’ve had to take a little bit of a blogging break.

Midterm season is upon me, and with lots of shifts at work, I haven’t been able to write up quite as many recipes as I’d like to. But don’t fear! I’m still documenting all of my creations and will sit down with all my pictures to get posting again, as soon as this crazy time is done. I hope the small selection of recipes I have amassed in my archives will do until then.

Happy cooking in the meantime!


Cornbread, Take 2

I’ve discovered a new baking trick that allows me to bake even when I’m out of eggs. It’s brilliant! It makes my baked goods light and fluffy, and binds everything together so that you never miss the egg.

The trick? Dissolving your baking soda in a few tablespoons of boiling water, and adding it to your dough last. The soda makes the mixture puff up and bond, and makes for wonderfully puffed up goodies!

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