My Favourite Salad Dressing

In my experience, a lot of people seem to think that making salad dressing from scratch is either really complicated, or kind of snooty. I’m not sure why this is, but I am here to dispel these anti-homemade-dressing accusations!

The following dressing recipe is my all time favourite. I keep a bottle of it in the fridge, stored in an empty olive oil bottle (typical, right?). That way, it’s just as quick and convenient as having store-bought dressing on hand, but it’s much healthier without all the additives and extra fat you find in the processed stuff.

It is thick and full of texture, thanks to the grainy mustard. And it’s super easy too!

Balsamic Dijon Dressing

one part olive oil
one part balsamic vinegar
two parts grainy dijon mustard (less if you opt for regular dijon mustard, as it is more concentrated than the grainy version)

1. In a bowl or directly in your salad dressing container of choice, combine all of the ingredients. Mix well with a fork, or simply close the bottle shut and shake until combined.

2. Store in the refrigerator. To use, allow the dressing to thaw a bit by taking it out of the fridge a few minutes before use (the oil may solidify a bit if it’s been in the fridge a long time, but that’s OK!). Shake, then pour over your salad.

I... I need to go eat this right now.


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